Lactobio launches Bak Probiotic Skincare series

Lactobio launches the game-changing Bak Probiotic Skincare series with live bacteria. Developed to improve the skin’s natural balance, the products have a calming and repairing effect.

The product line consists of a serum and two oils. The Concentrated Serum and Day Care Oil work on all skin types, while the Oil for Mothers has been formulated specifically for nursing mothers and to prevent diaper rashes.

The live probiotic lactic acid bacteria in Bak Probiotic Skincare reduce problems of dry skin, ensure better skin hydration and effectively soothe and normalise the skin by restoring the natural, bacterial balance of the skin’s microbiome, which also means that the natural immune system becomes well-functioning again.

At the same time, the probiotic bacteria controls the pH of the skin so useful Lactobacillus bacteria thrive, while it becomes too acidic for most “bad” bacteria, which therefore cannot survive.

The science of skincare
In the process of developing Bak Probiotic Skincare, we have isolated more than 1000 new lactic acid bacteria from which our particular strain of Lactobacillus plantarum (Lactobacillus plantarum LB244R) has subsequently been selected for its probiotic, health-promoting properties.

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Turning enemies into allies
For many years, bacteria has mostly been thought of as the enemy – something dangerous that should eliminated.

Nothing could be more wrong, however. While it is true that bacteria can cause disease, most bacteria are very beneficial for our health.

The past decade’s scientific research into the microbiome has led to a completely new understanding of bacteria as one of our most important allies. There is a mutually constructive collaboration between the microbes in our microbiome and our human organism, making bacteria vital to our health.